"EZ Sportfishing is top notch in my book. I've been fishing my entire life; so cal saltwater to high sierra trout hunting...I can't say enough good things about his outfit. Eric was honest, passionate, and a stand up great dude, the day I went out with him and he was eager to get me on a big BFT. We left the ramp in Oside which was great because I live in Oside and it was so convenient. He asked me if we wanted to load up on bait and try to fish paddies on the way out; or skip the bait and head straight to the large game grounds 60 miles out and get ready for the big dog. We skipped the bait and the paddies, as I was truly only interested in landing a big boy that day. Off we went, The Parker Eric has is in great condition and runs so smooth, dry ride all day at close to 30knts. He answered any questions I had for him on the way out to the grounds to prepare me, and he even had questions for me about my Brewery. We got to the Tuna grounds, and it was game on all day with blow up after blow up on the kite until 2 pm when we all decided at the dock in earlier the morning that that's when our fish was going to hang himself on our hook;... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... and an hour and a half later we had our fish... Bloody Decks!

Eric and EZ sportfishing is a great outfit for people who are truly looking for a So Cal fishing experience. He has the utmost professionalism in the game, I wouldn't hesitate to book with him again soon!

He even has been passing along a good word about Culver Beer Co. The Brewery I work at in Carlsbad. I've had two of his customers now!

Thanks Eric "

- Matt C.


" Eric is a hell of a captain and even better fisherman and very fishy too.  Fishing with him is more than fishing...you will learn a ton and have a great time and won't come home empty handed.  You will be very pleased with Ez Sportfishing. "

- Anthony D.


 "A memorable trip!  My family and I came from New Hampshire on vacation to California in August.  We wanted to do some pleasure boating along the coast.  We chartered Ez Sportfishing for a half day trip, and it couldn't have been more fun.  Captain Eric was very experienced and professional.  He provided information in advance on how to obtain a single day fishing license, and he met us at Newport Beach, which was very convenient for us.  Our group included four adults and two children.  Only a few in our group were interested in fishing, so Captain Eric tailored the excursion with this in mind.  He baited hooks and removed fish for the children, and they caught a lot!  He then located a pod of a few hundred dolphins, which immediately swam up alongside and in front of the boat as we cruised along  It was amazing to experience.  On the way back we stopped to see some sea lions on a buoy, which was also fun.  The excursion was exactly what we had hoped for.  The cost was comparable  than what we would have paid for a large crowded commercial boat, but it was sooo much nicer to have the flexibility of the private charter.  The boat was in excellent condition and well-equipped.  Eric was conscientious but very easy-going.  This excursion was perhaps the highlight of our entire California trip.  We highly recommend EZ and hope we can go back again someday! "

- Suzanne N.